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Exploring the world with us is about more than just travelling, it's about taking a journey. A journey where you'll discover awe inspiring places and create unforgettable memories. It's about all the sights you want to see (and the ones you didn't expect) - a travel experience that will change the way you see and think about the world.

Our tours start with people like you, travellers with a hunger for new experiences, places and people determined to get the most out of every minute.

If you're a seasoned traveller, a first timer, heading off with a group or going solo - one thing is for certain, with us you'll experience more.

Featured Destinations:

Book an Africa tour with Centre Holidays.

Africa Tours

Africa is an amazing continent with a vast array of wonderful and fascinating countries to visit. A visit here is truly to experience a world in one country.

Book an Asia tour with Centre Holidays.

Asia Tours

The biggest problem with a trip to Asia is to decide where to go. So many countries with so many reasons to visit, each of which have the allure of the exotic.

Book a tour of Australia & New Zealand with Centre Holidays.

Australia and New Zealand Tours

The coastlines of Australia and New Zealand - the largest nations down in this part of the world - are legendary and endless, but it's what goes on inland that really makes these places special.

Book a Europe tour with Centre Holidays.

Europe Tours

Europe offers so much to excite the imagination with its variety of cultures, nations and varied geography. Although it is the world's smallest continent in land surface, there is so much to see and do.

Book a Middle East tour with Centre Holidays.

Middle East Tours

As the birthplace of three of the world's major religions - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - there's something inherently spiritual about the Middle East.

Book a North America tour with Centre Holidays.

North America Tours

From unmatched urban cityscapes to the panoramic scenery of the Rockies and the thrill of untamed wilderness, North America can take your adventures further than you'd ever imagine.

Book a Central America tour with Centre Holidays.

Central America Tours

Enveloping rainforests, cloud-shrouded volcanoes, mysterious Mayan ruins, and miles of white-sand beaches await. As much fun as they are to explore by day, these lands truly come alive at night.

Book a South America tour with Centre Holidays.

South America Tours

South America is a huge continent with many countries offering a variety of reasons to visit. Here, one can discover architectural and natural wonders, a diverse range of cuisines, cultures and more.

Book a Polar tour with Centre Holidays.

Polar Tours

The Antarctic and Arctic have a haunting beauty and will almost always exceed expectations. They are accessible by taking a cruise or flying into one of the research centres.